Human Capital Management System
In the era of 21st century of organizational change and technological innovations, automation strategy has become vital to achieve the corporate vision and goals.

The Human Capital is an indispensable asset of an organization specifically in the categories of workforce acquisition, management and optimization. Systematic, organized and monitored management of human capital adds value to the organization; there by helping in moving closer towards achieving its mission and goals. Read More

Treino 20 Modules

Organizations H.R Department

In the era of 21st century where organizations around the world are facing increased challenges due to globalization and technological innovation, many organizations are seeking to gain competitive advantage at all cost Read More

Organizations Visions and Goals

In the era of globalization, the functioning of organizations has become increasingly competitive and dynamic. More than ever, organizations of all types are subject to an unprecedented pace of change. Read More

Organizational Human Capital Development

The aim of this module is to integrate Human Capital Development (HCD) with the technology in line with the Mission, Vision and Goals of the organisation with a view to develop a synergy between Read More

Organizational Human Capital Retirement Analytics

In today’s competitive landscape, recruiting and hiring top talent is key to business’ success. With a diverse workforce, it becomes increasingly important to provide employees with financial Read More

Organizational Analysis and Analytics Management

In today’s business environment shaped by globalization, every organization is recognizing the importance of talent-related data in managing recruitment Read More

Organizational Assessment Strategy Management

In an era of globalization and technological innovation, increasing competition has prompted organizations to realign their people processes and systems in order to adapt to the changing environment Read More

Organizational L&D Strategy Development

Organizational Human Capital Learning & Development strategy plays a vital role in identifying new ideas, adopt innovative approach, identify the potential Read More

L&D Partners and Speakers Management

Compelling and engaging speakers are an integral part of any successful event so streamlining the speaker management process is imperative in overall conference planning process. Read More

Employee Reminders and Notices Management

In the era of 21st century, globalization poses unique HRM challenges to businesses essentially those functioning across countrywide boundaries as transnational or global enterprises. Read More

Vendors and Tenders Management

In this era of globalization, and outsourcing, companies’ competitiveness, operating efficiency, and cost structures are increasingly dependent upon the performance of external supply partners. Read More

Documents and Archiving Management

In the era of massive globalization, organizations are faced with challenges such as sky rocketing volumes of data, a worldwide tightening of regulatory and compliance requirements, a growing need for litigation preparedness Read More

Employee Profile and Management Dashboard

In the era of globalization, organizations function across the cultural boundaries with large investments in human capital as well as physical resources, give utmost importance to technological change Read More

Employee Career Development Strategy

In the era of cut throat competition and globalization, organizations have realized the importance of strategic organizational human capital management and development practices for gaining Read More

Organizational Job Description Management

In this era of technological and economical globalization, companies are faced with challenges such as, creating new models for achievement of global mobility, efficiency and competitiveness Read More

Leaders and Talents Development Strategy

Being competitive and successful in this era of globalization means to effectively identify, develop and ultimately retain global talent. Maintaining and managing a robust leadership pipeline, identifying and developing high potential talent Read More

Performance and Competency Management

In light of the global competitiveness, with advancing technology, changing demographics, and global talent wars, preparing for the 2020 workforce is critical to business strategy, growth, and performance. In order to effectively Read More

Organizational Employee Reading Strategy

In the era of unprecedented global growth and cut throat competition organizations have now realized the importance of new HR practices to gain a competitive advantage over competitors Read More

Organizational Innovation and Creativity Strategy

In the era of globalization and rapid technological change, nurturing continuous innovation and creativity provides the spark that fosters the development and implementation of innovation and organizational change. Read More

Organizational Knowledge Management Strategy

In the era of global economic and institutional performance, organizations have realized the importance to develop, incorporate and manage human capital Read More

Organizational Events Attendance Management

In this increasingly digital era of globalization and cut throat competition, organizations have realized the importance of workforce development for gaining a competitive edge over the competitors Read More

Talent Acquisitions and Recruitment Management

In this era of globalization, the most critical aspect of an Organization to innovate and grow lies in its ability to attract and retain the right people to help realize the future. In order to effectively manage human capital Read More

Treino Key Benefits
Treino Software, a Human Capital Management Smart System, helps organizations to improve talent management systems, better manage employee records, and optimize hiring practices through fast record generation. Some of the benefits of implementing Treino software are as follows:
Increased Administration Efficiency
Minimizes the need for paper records and allows having easy access to information without worrying about space whilst, eliminating the need for large storage areas and extensive filing systems, helping organizations to save costs on rent and other utility bills.
Optimizes decision making
Analytics and data reporting helps employers to optimize decision making thereby allowing managers to make crucial decisions and choose the best methods for employee development whilst giving opportunity to improve existing systems & increase productivity.
Streamlines information sharing
Facilitates employers or managers to share information across an entire organization with one click thereby, eliminates inconsistencies, when sharing information regarding procedural changes in the organization.
Efficient use of human capital
Makes HR professionals’ jobs much more efficient, with information easy to enter and available in one place, HR professionals have more time to devote to endeavors that will truly benefit the organization.
Improved communication
Instead of keeping a record of contact information of the employees in a register, the information is recorded online. The information stored is easy to find, update and one can store it in an easy way. It eliminates the use of tedious paper work.
Conquer geographical barriers
Facilitates employees and managers to communicate from remote locations and attend conferences online thereby, helping to establish greater consistency in systems and standards when there are numerous company locations across a large geographical area.
Talent Acquisition and Recruitment, CV
Evaluation Services
We are leading provider of top talent and supporting esteemed organizations and professionals to achieve their business goals and targets by providing practical, resilient and effective HR solutions from finding the right person for the right position, CV Evaluation, etc.
Human Capital Training and Empowerment Development Outsourcing
We offer Human Capital Training and Empowerment development solutions through the development of results-based integrated solutions and consulting services in management and ICT domains to both public and private-sector organizations
Employee & Organizational Knowledge Management Development Outsourcing
We are leading knowledge management consultants helping organizations of any size to deliver tangible business value from their knowledge; by designing knowledge management strategies and frameworks
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